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Anni Tourism Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Russian sauna
  • Heated hot tub

Tammese küla, 93822 Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Rando Raik
Phone: +372 508 2702

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You can enjoy Russian and Finnish sauna pleasures in the farm complex.

    The farm's Old Island Sauna is a well-kept secret. This type of sauna is not particularly well known as they have not really survived and are more commonly known as smoke saunas or Russian saunas. It is a sauna with a closed Russian-style stove.
    This sauna has everything that is good in a real sauna. There is no constant high temperature here, the heat comes from throwing water on the stove. The Old Island Sauna provides you the same experience as the smoke sauna, but it takes a little less time to heat (5 hours) and the sauna is ready to use immediately after heating, as the smell of smoke is not so strong in the sauna, because it is heated using the chimney. The sauna stove with the stones weighs several tonnes. The sauna will last as long as it was heated, i.e. almost five hours.
    Another special feature of our sauna is that it is heated from the yard.
    There is a heated hot tub next to the sauna - the two of them together, especially on soft August nights, are an indescribable experience!
    So take a fresh birch whisk, but why not a juniper whisk along and head for the sauna!
    Downstairs there is a sauna, a fireplace lounge, a shower and a toilet, and upstairs there are two rooms with a total of 6 beds.

Total of 30 places in the whole complex and possibility of 15 additional places. Nature lovers can discover the delights of the nearby Vilsandi National Park on foot, on bikes or by various means of sea transport. There's plenty to do in the woods, on the beach and on the playgrounds.

Prices: Finnish sauna 2h/32€; Russian sauna 80€, hot tub 70€.

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