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Loovusait (Creative Barn) - Forest SPA

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Honeycomb sauna
  • Raft sauna
  • Heated hot tub

Neitsijärve talu, Uibujärve küla, 63225 Põlva vald, Põlvamaa

Indrek Maripuu
Phone: +372 501 0539

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Most people have experienced that often a good idea comes in the shower, but we believe there is one place in the world where even better ideas come - in the sauna. Armed with this knowledge, we've put together a fun experience at our place, which we affectionately named to be the Forest Spa.
What does the Forest Spa in the creativity protection area consist of :-)?

  • RAFT SAUNA is located on the lake. From the heat room you have a special pristine view of our unique marsh lake and the birch forest. There's no shower room, and instead of an anteroom you can sit on edge of the raft and keep your feet in the water. There is also a SUP board for sauna-goers at the bog sauna. The heat room bench seats 6 people.
  • A HONEYCOMB SAUNA is a typical Finnish sauna, but it is the shape of a honeycomb that gives it its uniqueness. It's incredible how spacious this sauna is - it's got a heat room, a shower room, an anteroom and a toilet in it. There's also a large window in the heat room of the honeycomb sauna to enjoy the view. The heat room bench seats 5 people.
  • The HOT TUB at the edge of the crop field is a great place to sit and watch the sunset, whatever the season. The hot tub is located next to the honeycomb sauna and the experience accommodation - so you can also combine them into a nicely integrated experience.

Come and visit us with your team and enjoy the view, the tranquillity and the peace. Enjoy the heat, have discussions, exchange views. That's how good ideas are born in the sauna.
PS! We don't rent out saunas separately, but only if you come to use our main services. An exception is the experience accommodation in honeycomb, where we also offer the possibility to rent a honeycomb sauna.

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