Sauna for the health

Nearly every culture has its own way of using heat for relaxation, therapy and ritual. One of the oldest of these techniques is the sauna.

  • Sauna would prevent colds, soften up tense muscles and alleviate any pain, exhaustion or depression.
  • Saunas aid in recovery after intense physical activity.
  • Sauna flushes toxins from your body and during sauna bath natural chemicals, endorphins, which reduce mental stress are released.
  • Studies have shown that going to the sauna regularly reduces the risk of many illnesses such as incidences of Alzheimer’s and the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease.
  • Hot steam that occurs when water is thrown onto the stones of the stove cleanses the skin and increases heart rate.
  • When sitting in the sauna, you might feel as if it is easier to breathe and move.
  • This is the heat doing its magic by expanding your bronchi and relaxing the joints.
  • Saunas can induce a deeper sleep - that is why for many the sauna means a way to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • One activity in a traditional sauna is whisking. Whisking increases the blood circulation in the skin, speeds up perspiration and produces a pleasant aroma in the hot room.
  • Sauna can also provide cosmetic care - herbal sauna, body masks, locally made scrubs from salt and honey, oils, peat sauna etc All of this has its own meaning and benefits - skin is cleansed of bacteria, and dead cells are replaced, leaving you with a soft, glowing appearance.

Taken in moderation, sauna baths suit everyone who is aware of his/her own limitations. In a word, sauna bathing does not only clean the body but it also purifies the mind - it is like rebirth and all unpleasant feelings fly away.