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Aasa Holiday Houses

  • Smoke sauna
  • Heated hot tub

Kärsu küla, 86208 Saarde vald, Pärnumaa

Vaiga Lill
Phone: +372 5561 5508

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The smoke sauna offers an authentic experience, where you can scrub both body and soul clean. Our sauna has been brought from Setumaa and restored following old traditions.
What makes the smoke sauna special is that it has no chimney. It takes much longer than usual to heat the sauna (about 6 hours) and smoke is emitted into the sauna room when heating. However, at the beginning of the sauna session, all smoke is let out of the sauna room.

Price: Smoke sauna130€. The price includes a hot smoke sauna and a birch whisk for one evening. Smoke sauna with hot tub 180€/night.

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