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Fishing Village

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Fishing boat (Kakuam) sauna / boat sauna

Kaste tee 1, Eametsa küla, 85001 Tori vald, Pärnumaa

Phone: +372 509 7841

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The Fishing Village is a unique recreation and leisure centre on the banks of the Sauga River in Pärnu.

  • Exclusive "kakuam" fishing boat sauna
    This sauna is the only one of its kind in the world and is built in a genuine kakuam boat, which was first produced in Estonia in the late 1930s. Most of the parts of the sauna come from old ships. There is room for 14 people in the anteroom and up to 4 people can sit on the heat room bench. The sauna is located by the pond, where you can cool off in the ice hole even in winter.
    Price: 120€/two persons; 20€ each additional person.
  • Sauna house on trailer
    It's a nice and cosy sauna, with juniper shavings covering the side walls, filling the sauna with the good smell characteristic to juniper. The heat room can comfortably accommodate four people. In the twilight hours, the sauna is made warm and cosy by two different types of lighting - ceiling lights and adjustable LED lights under the bench. A sound system with speakers installed under the bench helps to create a nice sauna atmosphere.
    Price: 120€/12 hours. Use of sauna by reservation only! We’ll heat it up for you!
  • MobiSpa Tent Sauna
    The tent is made of flame- and weather-resistant polyester fabric, which does not emit harmful compounds at high temperatures and the natural breathability of which ensures a pleasant oxygen-rich sauna heat. The sauna can accommodate 5-7 people at the same time.
    Price: 99€/session. Use of sauna by reservation only! We’ll heat it up for you!

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