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Kivi Tourism Farm

  • Russian sauna
  • Igloo sauna

Aaviku küla, 75301 Rae vald, Harjumaa

Ly Uukkivi
Phone: +372 501 9575

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Kivi Tourism Farm is located in the village of Aaviku in Rae municipality, Harju county.

  • The guest house has a Russian-style sauna for larger groups. This means that it is a large sauna stove that needs to be heated for almost a whole day, after which it can be used for a long time. The sauna does not have the high temperature of a Finnish sauna, but the heat is long and pleasant and is one up on the Finnish sauna.
  • On the pond, we built a floating sauna, which is an igloo sauna placed on a floating quay. Heating up is quick, and you can cool off in the pond water in both summer and winter. However, for washing after the sauna, showers must be used in the washrooms in the houses.

Price: Russian sauna 150€. Igloo sauna 40€/hour.

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