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Kopra Farm

  • Smoke sauna
  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Raft sauna

Tuhalaane küla, 71022 Mulgi vald, Viljandimaa

Merike Härmsalu
Phone: +372 521 0318

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Three different saunas at Kopra Farm:

  • The smoke sauna is a log sauna built nowadays, where you can jump directly into the lake from the nicely spacious heat room. It is in this very sauna that the Kopra Farm's “earth spirit” has established itself. The wise men who have visited the farm say that the spirit used to live in another sauna, but when it was turned into an electric sauna, the spirit got angry and couldn't find pease until he could move back to the smoke sauna.
  • The wood heated sauna is located in the Kingfisher house. There is a cosy seating area with a kitchenette, TV, music centre and a seabilliard game in the sauna floor. Everything you need for spending a fun night! You can cool off in the lake water directly from the sauna.
  • The raft sauna is located on the shore of the Paluküla reservoir. If you want to discover the lake's charms, you can take a sauna ride on the lake. The raft sauna is also a great experience for a smaller group.

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