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Lepanina Hotel

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna

Kabli, 86002 Häädemeeste vald, Pärnumaa

Phone: +372 446 5024

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Come and rejuvenate your body and pamper your senses in the hotel's sauna complex.

  • The Finnish sauna is a room with a tiered bench, wooden walls, dry and hot air (70-100°C) and an electric stove as the source of heat.
  • The speciality of the aroma sauna lies in the use of natural essential oils. The temperature in the aroma sauna is 70-80°C. Breathing in the fragrance of a mild sauna relaxes the body, stimulates the immune system and has an invigorating effect on your senses!
  • From the seaview jacuzzi, the powerful sea views are just a touch away! The jacuzzi is relaxing and soothing, and the massage jets in the bath will help to relieve muscular tension and improve overall tone.
  • The counter-current bathing pool offers nice cooling after a heat session in the sauna, just like whipped cream on a red, sweet, strawberry!
  • The sauna complex also includes a small lounge and changing room. For larger groups of friends, from 20 people, we offer a tiered lounge with a small terrace and a beautiful sea view, where you can set up a snack table if you wish.

If you wish, our kitchen will prepare a delicious snack plate and refreshing drinks!
In addition to a rested body and an energized mind, you can also enjoy a sauna experience with your girlfriends, group of friends, family or sweetheart in Lepanina!

Price: 1-4 persons 30€/hour; From 11th person 60€/hour.

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