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Pädaste Manor

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna

Pädaste küla, 94716 Muhu vald, Saaremaa

Phone: +372 454 8800

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Muhu wood heated sauna continues the ancient tradition of wood heated saunas. The warmth and heat of such a sauna has a very special touch to it! Enjoy a sauna before a massage or plan as a treat on its own, whisk yourself and refresh on the cold-water-barrel-spa terrace.
Complimentary salt and Muhu honey for body exfoliation to go with your sauna experience.

Fragrant herb steam sauna is a relaxing and healing treatment that can be enjoyed before a body treatment or as a treatment in itself. We offer a selection of pure natural oils and fresh herbs to accompany the sauna, creating an experience that is both soothing and invigorating.

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