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Pinska Guesthouse

  • Wood-heated stove sauna

Pinska küla, 71066 Viljandi vald, Viljandimaa

Angelika Toom
Phone: +372 5665 3333

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The Pinska guesthouse has a cosy social sauna where you can sit around the sauna stove, enjoy the heat and strengthen your health.
Up to 10 friends can stay on the heat room bench at a time. In the anteroom of the sauna, there is a cosy seating area around a large table. A table always can accommodate 15 good people sitting around it and chatting.
You can choose from the menu or ask the hostess for suggestions for the best sauna snacks.

Price: Sauna heating fee 50 €. For this price, you get 2 hours in the sauna with up to 15 friends, plus towels and lemon and berry water to quench your thirst. Each subsequent hour 20€. The advance notice period is preferably 1 day. Enjoy the heat!

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