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Beach houses in Pärnu County

  • Wood-heated stove sauna

Paatsalu küla, 88204 Lääneranna vald, Pärnumaa

Phone: +372 502 8040

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Sauna bathing has been practised since ancient times by many people in different parts of the world. The use of the sauna has not changed fundamentally over time. Going to the sauna still means heating the body up in the heat room and then deliberately cooling it down, repeated a few times alternately. Cleansing the body through perspiration has been known in various cultures throughout the ages.

  • In the Captain's house we have a so-called Finnish sauna, with a large wood-burning stove and two tiered sauna benches. As the sauna stove is filled with plenty of stones, it is possible to enjoy a sauna with a lower air temperature at the end of the heating period, where you can continue to splash water on the stones for a long time.

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