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Ravila Manor

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater

Ravila tee 21, Ravila, 75101 Kose vald, Harjumaa

Uno Silberg
Phone: +372 506 5533

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The Ravila Manor with a distinguished history is located in the southern part of Harju County, in the municipality of Kose. Ravila Manor was first mentioned in written sources in 1469. Over the centuries, the manor has been the subject of countless legends and mystical tales.
The sauna in the manor's basement is located in what was once the woodworking shop of Count Peter August Friedrich von Manteuffel (1768-1842), where he and his apprentice Jakob built the first flying machine of the time in the early 19th century and attempted to take off from the manor roof.
Today, up to 10 people can enjoy sauna pleasures in the same place. The sauna with its electric sauna stove features a cosy fireplace lounge and visitors are introduced the fascinating history of the manor and sauna culture.

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