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Söesauna Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Heated hot tub
  • Fito sauna

Vetla küla, 74401 Anija vald, Harjumaa

Ljudmila Reigo
Phone: +372 528 8015

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Söesauna Farm is located in the North Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve near the Kakerdaja bog in Harju county.

    The farm offers a pleasant experience in an authentic Cone sauna. There is a small pond next to the sauna, where you can refresh yourself after a whisking session.
    Price: 90€/3h, each subsequent hour 10€.
    There is a heated hot tub (up to 12 people) by the sauna, where you can spend time with family or friends in the middle of nature. Next to the hot tub there is a small pond where you can refresh yourself if you wish.
    The healthy Fitosauna offers a pleasant relaxation. The Fitosauna is a capsule made of cedar wood that works with warm steam enriched with herbs. The whole body is inside the capsule and only the head extends out of the capsule. After the session, you'll feel relaxed and refreshed.

We offer accommodation and a variety of activities: fishing, hiking, cycling, swimming, ball games. In addition, a variety of Russian, Estonian, Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine and rooms for seminars and training.

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