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Sokka Holiday Centre

  • Smoke sauna
  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Heated hot tub
  • Barrel sauna

Vidrike küla, 67301 Otepää vald, Valgamaa

Phone: +372 5305 5666

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  • Smoke sauna – our jewel, winner of 5x European Sauna Marathon. From the sauna you can jump directly into the pond and, in winter, cool off in the ice hole. The sauna can comfortably accommodate up to 25 people.
  • Two wood heated Finnish saunas. The heat room in the larger sauna can accommodate about 8 people. The sauna has a spacious anteroom, changing room, washroom and toilet. From the sauna you have direct access to the terrace with wonderful views of the bog lake and the forest. The heat room in the smaller holiday house sauna can accommodate about 4 people. After the sauna pleasures you can cool off in the cool lake water.
  • Tube sauna (barrel sauna) - exotics the Estonian way. Up to 10 people can enjoy the heat at the same time. The sauna is located by the lake on a large terrace, where you can admire the nature and take a dip into the water after the session of heat.
  • Two hot tubs. One is located on the terrace between the middle and small houses, and from there you can go down the stairs directly to the bog lake. The hot tub offers picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. The second hot tub is on the bank of the pond next to the smoke and tube sauna.

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