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Suislepa Holiday Houses

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Raft sauna

Aia tn 16, Suislepa küla, 69705 Viljandi vald, Viljandimaa

Rauno Soo
Phone: +372 5394 9737

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There are two holiday houses in Suislepa village where you can stay and have a sauna. Both holiday houses have a sauna with an electric stove, 9 beds, a terrace in front of the house and barbecue facilities.
The cottages are located on the banks of the Õhne River.
We also offer the possibility to rent a raft sauna on site.

Come and enjoy a holiday with your family, friends or colleagues in the beautiful nature by the river!

Price: Holiday house with sauna 200-250€/night (depending on the day of the week). Up to 3 people, ask for a personal quote.

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