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Uuskalda Sports and Holiday Village

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Heated hot tub

Kalda talu, Kärbla küla, 91006 Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa

Astrid Roosileht
Phone: +372 508 4023

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Uuskalda Holiday Village offers accommodation in four camping cabins for 2-6 persons. A land sailing track is open. You can play disc golf, foot golf, beach volleyball, indiaca, croquet, petanque, etc.

After an invigorating day of sports, you can relax in the heat room of the small sauna and enjoy the pleasures of the hot tub. It takes 7 hours to prepare the hot tub, during which time we heat the water to 39 degrees. The maximum capacity of the sauna is 10 people sitting and chatting in the anteroom. In the pond in front of the sauna house, you can cool off your hot skin.

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