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Vaiste Beach Mansion

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Russian sauna

Kastna küla, 88106 Pärnu, Pärnumaa

Phone: +372 510 4292

Vaiste Beach Mansion is an old-style three-storey log house with a thatched roof in a peaceful seaside area on the grounds of Vaiste Manor in Pärnu County.

  • On the ground floor of the main house there is a lounge, a Russian sauna, a cosy fireplace room and a kitchenette with utensils. On the second floor there is an open plan living room with a kitchenette and on the third floor there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi.
  • Separate sauna house with a wood heated sauna and a small recreation room. The sauna heat room bench seats 6 people at a time. Sauna next to a pond.

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