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Vanaõue Holiday Centre

  • Smoke sauna
  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Heated hot tub

Vihi küla, 71411 Põhja-Sakala vald, Viljandimaa

Tõnu Aavasalu
Phone: +372 521 2148

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Taking time off is the first rule of going to the sauna. There are three different saunas in our centre:

  • traditional smoke sauna (up to 15 people)
  • Finnish sauna in the main house (up to 25 people)
  • separate private log cabin sauna (up to 20 people).
  • plus a hot tub by the Finnish sauna next to the main house on the banks of the river, which can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.
  • in the sauna, there are birch whisks in summer and juniper whisks in winter.

Price: Smoke sauna 250€/night, log cabin sauna 160€/night, Finnish sauna 150€/night. Vanaõue Holiday Centre main house sauna 200€/night.
For sauna guests, we offer complimentary house water and our own herbal tea, Health Tea, sauna towels are available.

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