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Vaskna Tourism Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna

Plaksi küla, 65101 Rõuge vald, Võrumaa

Margit Utsal
Phone: +372 5650 7773

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Vaskna Tourism Farm is a family-run business located in the south of Estonia, in the dome-shaped and legendary Haanjamaa (Võru County), on the shores of Lake Vaskna, at the back of the Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Hill).

Vaskna tourism farm peony garden sauna.
When going to the sauna, you have to go through the peony garden. The sauna is located in the green house of the Vaskna farm with a large hall, anteroom, washroom, heat room with a lake view and a large glass veranda. It's nice to sit on the heat room bench and look out over Lake Vaskna. The sauna can accommodate 7 people.
Price: Sauna 25 €/hour.

We also offer accommodation and catering at Vaskna Tourism Farm.
We offer a Romance Package on the farm, together with the sauna service.

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